In close proximity to the picturesque slopes of Mt Meru, Tengeru lies 13km from Arusha town.

The People of Tengeru Village offer:

  • A glimpse into the Meru culture              
  • Canoe in the lake    
  • Walking around Lake Duluti
  • Waterfall hiking                                          
  • Visit Mt Meru forest for hiking        
  • A visit to local farms managed & owned by the Patandi Women’s group
  • A taste of locally prepared coffee and learn about the bio-gas plant

The tours offered are in two categories:

  • Interact with the local people with their daily life and 
  • Visiting places of interest in the area.

Activities involving interaction with the local people:

  • Coffee farm tour                                          
  • Tree planting project tour
  • Visiting school                                
  • Visiting Tengeru market      

Hiking Tours, Places of interest

  • Walking around Lake Duluti
  • Canoe trip on lake Duluti
  • Waterfalls hiking
  • Visit Mt Meru forest (hike)             





Overnight facilities  ... for those who would like to spend a night or two in the village…..

Tengeru village has a good yard which can be used as camping ground. There is separate bathroom and toilet with showers and warm water.  
Rest house
They also offer accommodation in the Rest house in the village for those who are interested. The house is simple, good with a fence and a beautiful yard.

Proceeds from your visit go into improving the project by educating the Guides, establishing facilities that support the projects.

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